Maybe in another life, she would have been able to live how she wanted. Maybe in the years past she would have lived in this presented servitude of the higher beings without question. Unfortunately, she despised servitude, and the gods would likely grant her reincarnation as a dung beetle if she were to try to end her suffering. Then again, beetles never looked out on the wide world and longed to experience it. They seemed pretty content where they were.

She contemplated these things, along with a vast multitude of others, from behind her secretary’s desk. She had a bland, boring job, and to those who walked through the door, seemed to be and equally bland and boring person. Her plain, long-sleeve blouse hid her collection of tattoos, scars, and fresh wounds. Her empty smile and high voice replaced the twisted grin and low growl from the night before. No one would ever imagine this sweet young woman breaking a pool cue across someone’s back, or smashing a beer bottle against a wall.

Disgruntled is a word that gets tossed about quite a bit. If a person dislikes their job, their position in life, they are often called such. That would certainly describe the woman behind the front desk of this bland little office building. So can it really surprise anyone that one day she decided to change her situation? The poor gentleman in the tweed suit seemed very surprised when the answer to his simple question came in the form of a string of explicatives. Her boss seemed even more surprised when she threw her name plate at him and told him to suck a cock. Her friends, however, were not surprised in the least to hear that she had sold her belongings, bought a motorcycle, and rode to some unknown destination.

Hundreds of miles away, the woman sat beneath a large tree. The sun was setting, and the sky was gaining that rosy blush that so many couples are fond of. A beetle crawled onto her leg, and she watched it for a few minutes. She smiled, lifted the beetle, and set it down on the grass beside her. Then with the most serene smile, crushed it with a rock.


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